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How TO buy

Nowadays it is become so easy to find the best deals using a smartphone or your laptop and get it into in front of your door also you can score big deals with stores online through apps

but there are 3 ways to shop smart and save your money in 2019 ( before buying, while buying and after purchase.)

so in this post will talk about the first point ” save your money before buying “

so first tip when you find a product you want or need the first step before purchase it, search what another store or platform offers the best quality to price ratio

also, it is very important to read the return policy if the seller provides free returns or not if the customer doesn’t like the item received

However, location is playing an important role such as you must know where is the item you are purchasing being shipped from because there is a lot of sellers using a drop shipping method who doesn’t have the item on hand this items usually bring shipped from countries like China which take long to arrive if you are ok waiting all this time t makes no sense to go through drop shipper go to directly to Alibaba or aliexpress websites

Saving Money

There are different ways to saving Money while buying products from different when you buy from the internet from any store you may have the power to negotiate for your price but sure at the end, as a buyer, we can negotiate for the best price many platforms now have a way to bargain with “best offer”, of course,the seller eventually decides to accept the offer or refuse it as long as you offer a responsible price and don;t lose a low ball in most cases you can expect to pay less than initially requested.

Another more effective way to save money through the internet is coupons and Promo codes. there are now many websites offers coupons between 10% up to 70% off your total coupons Plus on many platforms if you purchase more than 1 item or many times from the same seller

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